Refund Policy:

Tuition paid for the current month is not refundable. However, tuition paid for future months will be refunded if you withdraw your child from the program.

Termination Policy:

We require a 30 day notice if you plan to withdraw your child from the program. If you for some reason you don’t have 30 days due to last minute life changing event or you are not happy with our services, then a 30 notice is not required. We want you to stay because you are happy here and not because of a contract. Please note: we will not be able to refund payment already paid for the present month. We will refund future payment. This means, if you decide to withdraw your child on August 11, we will not be able to give you payment paid for August, but we will refund any payments made for September or future months. Exception: Gross misconduct on the part of the provider, parent or child. Gross misconduct is grounds for immediate termination of services.