At Montessori School of Chantilly, we provide an enriching environment where your children can gain knowledge, embrace curiosities, and engage in new discoveries.

Here at our facility, we provide academic primary classrooms for them to grasp new insights as well as to enhance intellectual growth. We provide our students with a stimulating and exciting environment that allows them to learn through exploration and feeds their curiosities. There is also a big playroom that is safe, exclusive for all fun-filled recreational activities in order to help your kids prepare for higher learning levels.

We will teach your child to be physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially adept with each of the subjects that are included in our primary learning program. We encourage students to explore these subjects with curiosity and excitement, and allow them to learn at a pace that is comfortable to them. Our primary subjects include:


During this program, your child will learn a lot about language, including phonics, speech, and vocabulary. They will develop strong language skills that will benefit them throughout life and the rest of their school career.


We will teach our students with computers and help them learn different skills and subjects with computers. These hands-on computer exercises will allow them to learn in a different way and allow them to understand more about technology. Each student will be provided with a PC (personal computer) during these activities.

Outdoor Activity

We provide our students with educational outdoor activities. These activities can include field trips, museum visits, and more. These outdoor activities will teach students about the environment, ecosystem, and how the outside world works. These are fun and exciting activities that get children outside of the classroom and learning in the real world.

Our primary program is meant to help your child break out of their shell, embrace their thoughts and creativity, grow mentally and socially, and be comfortable in the world around them. We want to show and give our full support to our students so that they are able to face society competitively in the future.

Learn more about our school, schedule a tour, and contact us with any questions you may have. We can help your children develop, learn, and grow through our programs and by allowing students to explore what makes them curious.