In our early childhood program, our goal is to help your children become independent and self-motivated learners.

At Montessori School of Chantilly, we provide our students in preschool and kindergarten with a solid foundation in all academic areas and opportunities for becoming independent, motivated, and curious to learn. By evaluating a child’s mind, skills, and individual learning styles, our Montessori teachers are able to address the needs of each child and work with them to reach their fullest potential. We encourage our students to explore what interests them and learn from their curiosities.

Our Curriculum

Our thoughtfully designed curriculum, modeled after Maria Montessori’s teaching methods, allows each child to explore the world around them, first in very concrete ways, and then, when developmentally appropriate, in more abstract ways. Your child will learn a variety of different subjects, helping them to develop important skills and expand their knowledge. These subjects include language, math, science, and history. They will also participate in sensorial and practical life activities to develop and learn other important lessons.


Our students learn about language by a specifically chosen Montessori process in a print-rich environment filled with enhanced language activities. They will learn how to read and write, as well as other important language skills.


Math is not isolated to one part of the room, but is integrated into our daily environment as we realize that numbers represent not only quantities, but also measurements of all different types. Students will have the ability to be engaged with math and numbers throughout the day, helping them to better understand how these work in their daily lives.


Science is hands-on and meaningful because our methods allow students to make sense of what they are learning and fosters an interest in learning even more! Botany and zoology are brought to life with vivid impressions as students learn to identify different types of living creatures, recognize similarities and differences, and explore life cycles.


History is fun and relevant for children as they expand their minds and learn about the recent past while making predictions about tomorrow!

Sensorial Activities

These activities provide students with opportunities to use and understand their sensorial impressions of our ever changing world around us. Spending time in the outdoors will enable them to connect with nature, play, exercise, and experience the seasonal changes that are part of the rhythms of life.

Practical Life Activities

Practical life enables students to become independent, allowing children to learn what it takes to care for themselves, others, and our environment both in the classroom and outdoors. Your child will learn and develop important skills that will help them throughout life.

Some of the most valuable learning opportunities and teachable moments in all true Montessori environments, however, come naturally and give students the opportunities to embrace, practice, and model social cooperation. These moments allow children to evaluate the way the world truly works and how best to respond to it, helping develop their awareness of self and the surrounding environments. We encourage students to independently explore different subjects and learn on their own, allowing them to figure out what makes them curious and how the world truly works.

Montessori School of Chantilly is dedicated to ensuring a safe, enriched, and enjoyable Montessori education for your child. Contact us today to secure your child’s enrollment for summer camp and the following school year.