At Montessori School of Chantilly, we take the teaching methods of Maria Montessori and implement them into our programs. These teaching methods allow students to learn how children naturally do — through exploration and a natural desire to learn.

Our nurturing and stimulating pre-primary program encourages the growth and development of the mind and body of children. Our classroom and program is fully equipped with appealing materials to aid toddlers to pursue exploration and growth.

Maria Montessori once said that, “Growth is not merely a harmonious increase in size, but a transformation.” We work to help our students transform and grow during their time at Montessori School of Chantilly. Your little ones will be in an environment that will encourage them to learn and allow them develop the important skills they will need later in life.

The furnishings in our pre-primary classrooms are child-sized to fit the frames of younger children and to assist them in their needs for physical movement and self-awareness. Thoughtfully chosen materials are arranged on sturdy shelves at eye level to assist toddlers in their quest for discovery.

All materials are placed within reach and grasps the attention of exploring students, so that they may safely practice curiosity in a hands-on environment. We want your children to have the ability to play, learn, and engage with their surroundings and other students in the classroom.

“The activity of the child has always been looked upon as an expression of his vitality.” -Maria Montessori

Our pre-primary students are able to work toward independence as they freely interact with their specially designed environment, all while growing their muscles and minds. Parents are able to gradually phase their child into their new surroundings for a happy and healthy adjustment. Our educators are active and enthusiastic as they guide our busy students in practical life, language, socialization, and lifelong desire of wonderment.

Maria Montessori once said, “Since it is through movement that the will realizes itself, we should assist a child in his attempts to put his will into act.” We encourage our students to explore their individual ideas as they learn and grow in our stimulating environment.

Your toddlers will be given everything they need to stay curious, engage with their surroundings, and learn social skills in our classroom. We implement the words and teaching methods of Maria Montessori into each of our programs, allowing your little ones to learn by exploration and natural will. Learn more about our school and what we have to offer. To get on our waiting list or tour of our pre-primary program, please call us at (703) 389-7174, or schedule online!