Dental Awareness Month: We have invited a dentist to come and talk to our students about the importance of dental hygiene.

Please see the attached lunch menu Here

February Enrichment classes: Yoga, Dance, STEM, JumpBunch, Music and Movement, STEM, Spanish, French, basic Sign Language.

February 18th

School is closed all day on the 18th in observance of Presidents Day.

February 19th

We start our Black history celebration. We will talk about Oprah, George Washington Carver, Nelson Mandela and Mary Jackson on week one. We will share our plan for the following week on the 22nd. Each day of the week we will discuss one them and hope the children will be able to understand the positive impact those individuals have made.

February 22nd

We’re going to make African chapatti in celebration of Black history month.

February 23nd

We are hosting a date night from 4:30 pm-8:30 pm. Fee for date night is $25.00 for one and $40.00 for two. We typically tell camp like stories, play outside, (weather permitting) serve pizza and snacks and watch a movie.

February 28th

We’re going to make African pancakes in celebration of Black history month.

June 8th

Kindergarten graduation! Please note that this is a weekend. More details will be sent as the time gets closer. To graduate as a kindergartner, student have to turn 5 by December 31st and 5 by May 31st to graduate as pre-K. A letter will be sent out to parents with graduating students.