While you may hear about Montessori quite a bit, you may not know what it is. Montessori is a method of education that was developed by Maria Montessori, who was the first female Italian doctor. After observing children, she designed a school that would support and stimulate their nature, rather than traditional schools that tried to fight it. Montessori education is based on the observations she made, and from there, the foundation was built for this education method.

Montessori education focuses on the environment and the child. Children get uninterrupted work time, time to explore their curiosities, and a ton of hands-on learning experiences. This is a different type of education method that allows children to learn at their own pace and learn from their stimulating environment.

Our Montessori curriculum gives children more freedom to learn and learn at their own pace.

Experience and theoretical practice have demonstrated that children are able to grasp ideas and skills more easily when they are given autonomy to apply knowledge and skills themselves. Our curriculum is intuitively enhanced so that connections between content areas are natural and meaningful and intrinsically more interesting for our students. Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, and Geography are the educational cornerstones, but not the limit to what students will learn.

We provide a solid foundation in the following areas:

  • Art (creativity that is process oriented)
  • Music
  • Taekwondo, Zumba, Yoga
  • Games (Gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and great sportsmanship skills)
  • Character Education
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Botany
  • Science
  • Zoology

We want to provide our students with a wide range of areas and topics to learn from, explore, and gain a curiosity for. We want your child to care about their education and develop a love for learning. Contact us to learn more about our school.