Montessori School of Chantilly is AdvancED and Virginia Department of Education Accredited!

We are proud to announce that we are now AdvancED® accredited, as well as Virginia Department of Education accredited! AdvancED is a non-profit organization that gives accreditations to schools that are constantly trying to improve what they do. With this accreditation, they found that our “staff implements the curriculum with fidelity and provides opportunities for children to enhance their learning through exploration and investigations.”

The Virginia Department of Education standards of accreditation include providing an essential foundation of educational programs of high quality, encourage continuous improvements of school programs to help improve student achievement, foster public confidence, and more.

We are proud to be accredited by both AdvancED and VDOE and will work had to continue to improve our school and programs. As an accredited school, we push to provide the best environment and lessons your children need to thrive and learn.

Our Classes

In addition to being accredited, we also offer enrichment classes for all children at no extra cost to parents. These classes help students get a different kind of education and expand what they learn on a daily basis. Our enrichment classes include:

  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • Music and Movement
  • Sports
  • Spanish
  • STEM
  • French
  • Basic Sign Language
  • Cooking Projects for Children

These classes are offered to all of our students and allow your children to get more than just a basic education, without any additional cost to you.

Our Culture

AdvancED found that our school had a lot to offer. They stated that we were flexible, cultured, loving, peaceful, accepting, and as a whole, a well-rounded school. Our family-oriented outlook helps us to create a happy and caring environment, and our leadership ensures the school’s environment is welcoming and caring, fostering a mutual respect among all the stakeholders.

At Montessori School of Chantilly, we have a strong parent board and parent involvement. Our parent board meets once every six weeks to discuss the school improvement plan, as well as talk about the direction of the school. Our parent board and the parent involvement helps us constantly improve what we do and make our school even better.

At Montessori School of Chantilly, we have worked hard to get our school to this place. We are proud to be recognized as an accredited school and we will continuously try to improve what we do! Learn more about our school, schedule a tour, and enroll your child now!