Montessori education follows a method that encourages children to participate in self-guided activities. This method of teaching allows students to learn at their own pace and focus on things that truly interest them. This teaching method allows students to be independent in their learning while also taking part in group activities and getting guidance from teachers.

The Montessori method of teaching is a great way for students to learn and feel confident in their abilities and learning styles. This method can help them feel more independent and allow them to focus on their own curiosities, helping them stay interested in what they are learning. This method of teaching has been used for over a hundred years and helps to develop children socially, physically, emotionally, and cognitively.

At Montessori School Of Chantilly, we use these methods to help you students grow, learn, and develop. We focus on helping children become more independent and encourage them to be creative, curious, and excited about the world around them. We know that what your children learn at a young age will help to shape who they grow up to be, that is why we help children with this method of teaching.

One important thing the Montessori education teaches kids is to be independent. When they learn how to be independent, they can grow into adults who are comfortable and confident with their abilities. Many parents think that helping children with simple tasks like dressing or washing their hands is harmless, but it can actually make your child believe that they don’t have the ability to do these simple tasks alone. While parents often dress their children while running late for school or other events, doing this too often could teach your child helplessness.

In this blog, we are going to discuss a few way to help teach you child how to be more independent. Follow these tips and allow your child to grow into an independent and confident adult.

Give Them Options

Obviously asking your preschooler to do some tasks is out of the question, but allow them to pick and choose what they believe they can do by themselves. As your child reaches kindergarten she will be able to do more on her own, and adding tasks to her list will help her feel like she is growing and developing her abilities.

Start with easier tasks, like using the bathroom by themselves, dressing themselves, brushing their own teeth, or getting ready for bed by themselves. This will allow you to control what they do on their own, but also ensure that they get a chance to do something for themselves at least once a day. Make a list of items you wouldn’t mind your child doing on their own and ask them what they think they could handle.

Add Time

Make sure you give your child enough time to do the tasks they chose to do alone. If your child takes 20 minutes to dress themselves, then give yourself 20 extra minutes. Tell them that they need to be dressed by a certain time otherwise you will have to help them. If they realize that the time limit takes away their independence, they may be more focused and actually follow the time limit. While you are waiting for them to dress, don’t hover—allow them to have their space and use their time without worrying about you standing over them. Be sure to tell them how many minutes they have left so they know when they must make a decision.

Teach Them

As your child starts doing their own tasks, they will be able to take on more responsibilities. Have them clean up their own messes, make their bed, and other tasks you may not have trusted them with at first. But teach them how to do these things correctly. If they spill their cereal, show them how to clean it up and them have them clean up other messes they make, if they don’t do a good job, show them how to improve without criticizing them.

Celebrate Their Independence

Once your child starts to do different tasks on their own they will be proud of themselves. Tell them that they did a good job instead of pointing out that they are wear their shirt backward and inside out. You can help you child fix their mistake if you want, but we have all been there, an inside out shirt has never hurt anyone.

These are a few of the many ways to help your child become more independent. Not only is it good for them, but it gives you a break as well! If a future blog we will cover more tips to independence! Enroll your child at Montessori School of Chantilly and allow them to learn and grow at their pace!