When you child begins their educational journey, starting with pre-primary education, you expect them to learn the alphabet, how to count to 20, and the colors of the rainbow. Before heading to elementary school, kids need to learn the basics to get them started and able to advance throughout their time in school.

At Montessori School of Chantilly, your child will learn the basics. They will learn about language in a print-rich environment that offers enhanced language activities. They will learn about numbers, but not just in the classroom. They will learn how numbers represent quantities and measurements in daily environments. They will also learn so much more. A Montessori education allows students to learn with hands-on activities, collaborative play, and the ability to run their own activities.


During their time at Montessori School of Chantilly, your children will learn everything from science to yoga, helping them to develop different skills and interests. But we don’t offer these classes only because they are fun for the kids. Many of these classes, we call them enrichment classes, offer different benefits for children.

In this blog, we will go over our enrichment classes and how they can benefit your children. Keep reading to learn more about our program and what classes are the most beneficial to your children.

Spanish and French Class

As the world continues to grow and develop, it is becoming more important to know multiple languages. According to Psychology Today, about 20 percent of the American population is bilingual. In other countries around the world, learning a second language is mandatory, but not in the states. That doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

There are many benefits to learning a second language at a young age. First of all, learning a foreign language is easier when it is started at a younger age. Young children can absorb the language and be able to develop fluency more easily than if they learn at a later age.

According to Frontiers Academy, children between eight and 12 years old lose their ability to hear and reproduce new sounds like they could when they were younger. This makes it harder for them to learn the foreign language.

Not only will they be able to learn the language easier, but if they continue to develop their skills as they grow, a second language can open many doors for different opportunities. This includes traveling, careers, meeting more people, and advancing in school and language. Being bilingual can make your child a better candidate for many different jobs in the future. More companies are beginning to work in other countries, which requires people who speak different languages. If your child is the one candidate who is bilingual, they will likely get a job.

At our school, your child will get a head start on language, in another blog we will go over all of the benefits of learning a second language and why starting young is better.

Yoga Class

Recently, yoga for preschoolers and young kids has become a popular activity. Just like adults benefit from yoga, kiddos can as well! Yoga is a great way for kids to exert energy in a calm way. But they can also benefit both mentally and physically from yoga.

Young children can improve their coordinations with yoga. Different poses can help strengthen different muscles and improve their coordination and balance. Kids can also learn more about their bodies and how to use their energy in a more effective way because of yoga. While yoga is very physically beneficial for children, it is also very beneficial for their minds.

According to FlyKids Yoga, when young children do yoga, it can help to improve their concentration, calm their mind, and help them alleviate stress that generally presents itself in the form of temper tantrums. Learning to breathe deeply and relax can help them avoid breaking down later in the day. A DoYouYoga article also mentions that yoga can help children develop positive mental health as well. There are many benefits to yoga, for kids and adults, so pull out your mats and do your favorite yoga poses with your kiddos!

Dance Class

Dance classes are fun and energetic, and your kids will love dancing with all of their friends at our school. Not only will our dance class help your child get the exercise they need, but it will also teach them different dance styles, as well as about rhythm, coordination, and concentration.

A LiveStrong.com article mentions that dance can help improve a child’s self-esteem as well. They become comfortable in their own skin and can more easily develop that sense of “dance like nobody’s watching”.

Dance is fun for your kids and can help them develop a more creative mindset. Dance allows kiddos to express themselves and can help them stay creative throughout their lives. They will learn discipline, focus, and develop and appreciation for the arts. The LiveStrong.com article also mentions that children with a background in dance were generally shown to score better on the SAT.

Art and Music Class

Dance class is not the only one that promotes creativity. The Montessori School of Chantilly offers art and music classes that can help your children learn more about different artistic outlets.

The Artful Parent discusses reasons why art is so beneficial to children, beside the benefit of building creativity. First of all, art can employ all of the senses depending on the activity. It can also help kids further develop their fine motor skills. Art is a great way to help your child express themselves, learn how to problem solve, and connect to the world in a different way.

As for music, there are many advantages to being introduced to music and movement classes early. Kindermusik mentions that music provides a stimulating and nurturing environment for young kids. They also talk about how music can help give your child a learning advantage and improve their language development, especially since they are singing songs and learning different rhymes.

These are a few of the classes we offer at Montessori School of Chantilly. We love providing these fun and entertaining classes for your kids, allowing them to be able to learn important lessons and benefit greatly. If you want your child to get the best education possible, let us help! Learn more about our school and schedule a free tour today!