blog-1As a parent, you want the best education for your children. You want them learning, growing, exploring, and getting excited about the world around them. Finding the right school for your child to learn at their own pace can be a challenge but it is important to you.

At Montessori School of Chantilly we focus on giving children the kind of education that you would want them to get. We are invested in our student’s education, allowing them to learn at their own pace, using the world to gain knowledge and explore, and giving them a supportive environment to learn in.

So, why should you choose a Montessori education for your child over a different, more traditional type of education? There are many benefits to giving your kid an education based on the Montessori Method.

Education is Designed for Your Child

In a Montessori school, education is designed for your child. There is not a structured learning plan, rather kids are given the ability to learn at their own pace and their own way. Every child learns differently, a Montessori education allows for each student to learn in their own way, while teachers assist them. In a Montessori school, each child has his or her own individualized learning plan.

dreamstime_xxl_35612462Students Have Freedom

Montessori students are given freedoms that allow them to learn from their independent interests and the ability to educate oneself. Classrooms in a Montessori school are designed and filled with materials to support this self-education. The Montessori Method is focused on the fact that students who are given the freedom to explore their interests and curiosities are going to show more of a liking to learning and education. We give students freedom to apply skills and knowledge by themselves and find that this allows them to grasp the ideas better than if they were to be taught the same things.

We observe the way our students learn and what interests them most in learning; we then help guide them, both individually and in small groups. We find that this style of education allows them to grow and learn more efficiently.

A Supportive and Friendly Environment

Montessori School of Chantilly has a beautiful campus that we utilize as a great learning environment for our students, allowing them to begin to appreciate the world around them. They can explore and feed their curiosities in an exciting and safe environment.

Students support each other in their learning and build friendships based on similar interests. We have a strong no-bullying policy, which creates a friendly, respectful, and welcoming environment for all of our students.

Montessori School of Chantilly is a great place for your child to learn, grow, and develop. They will get the help, education, and freedom they need to learn at their own pace and in their own way. We welcome you to see our programs and schedule a tour at our beautiful school.

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