Enrichment Classes Include:

  1. Spanish Class: Ms. Liliana teaches the kids everyday with music and pictures. The children learn about the alphabet, the numbers, the months of the year, the seasons, and so much more.
  2. French Class: Ms. Nora loves to sing the alphabet, the numbers, and many songs to the kids. The songs are so contagious; your child might keep signing them in your home! Learning French is very fun!
  3. Yoga: Ms. Komala takes this practice very serious to start the school day. The children are encouraged to meditate and do simple yoga positions throughout the class. The environment is peaceful and relaxing.
  4. Music & Movement: The children love to sing their favorite songs to the sound of the acoustic guitar. The teacher duo always captivates the children’s ears and voices.
  5. Jump Bunch: This sports class keeps the children entertained and engaged. They learn about taking turns, team work, following instructions, and sport spirit. The kids have a blast while learning a new sport skill.
  6. Dance Class: Ms. Arlene brings the dance moves to the kids for a fun class! They learn rhythm, coordination, dance routines and concentration. Your child will learn to dance “salsa”, “merengue”, pop, hip hop, and many others.
  7. Art Class: Ms. Arlene provides a different theme every week for our little artists. The children learn how to create their own masterpieces with the materials provided. They can always take their creations home.