While we all want our children to succeed in school, be at the top of their math class, and read for fun, academics is not the only important thing in a child’s life. While school and practicing their work can help them improve and learn new skills, there are many different ways a child learns. One of those methods being play. Play is so important in a child’s development and learning.

According to an article from Parents, play time has dropped drastically in the last two decades. The amount of recesses that children get has dropped, which means kiddos are stuck inside all day without any time to play and get outside.

At Montessori School of Chantilly, we understand the importance of play for young children. Play offers kids so much more than just time to enjoy themselves. It helps them develop a variety of different skills, teaches them different lessons, and keeps them active. When you enroll your child at Montessori School of Chantilly, your child will get time to play outside and inside. They will be given time to explore their interests, whether that means play or learning, or both!

We know you want your child to succeed in school, and play is an important part of this. Encourage your child to play at home and play with them! You will build a better bond and be able to watch them learn, grow, and develop! In this blog, we are going to talk about why play is so important for kids. Read on to learn more and let your kiddos play!

They Develop Skills

During your child’s playtime, they are learning and developing. Your child will develop so many different skills as they play in different settings and with different kids. When they play with blocks, they are developing fine motor skills and beginning to understand trial and error. When they are running around with other kids, climbing, and jumping, they are developing their gross motor skills. Playing with other children helps your kiddo develop social skills. They will learn how to share, how to play nicely, and may even make new friends! While your child plays, they are developing new and important skills that they will need throughout their entire lives.

They Are Learning

If you want your child to work on their literacy and math, playing can help them do just that! You have seen your child line up their stuffed animals or toys in order from largest to smallest or based on color. This helps them with math as well as teaches them how to categorize different objects. When they play with new toys, they are learning about different subjects and more vocabulary words. Your kiddo is learning to be creative when they make up a story or a scenario. During your child’s playtime, they are always learning.

They Find Their Interests

When your child plays, they are able to explore different things that may interest them. This can help them develop hobbies that stick with them for life and maybe even become their career. When a child is given the freedom to take part in self-guided play, they will begin to find the things that keep them entertained. If your child loves doing crafts, they may end up becoming an artist. Or they may simply grow up to be a crafty person and keep it as a hobby and an escape. Play allows kids to explore different skills, interests, and areas that could lead to something so much more. Having hobbies as an adult is extremely beneficial, it allows us to de-stress, relax, and spend time with ourselves doing something we love, and it all started with some self-guided play!

Encourages Physical Activity

Nowadays, it can be difficult to get your kiddo outside and active. With TV, video games, and other forms of technology keeping them busy, playing outside is just not as attractive to kids as it once used to be. When you encourage play and make it a major factor in your child’s life, they will make a habit out of it and choose it over other activities. Running, climbing, jumping, and playing outside will keep your child active and allow them to develop a love for active play. Buy your children a swing set or a trampoline, bring them to the park whenever possible, ride your bikes around the neighborhood, and as they get older play games of soccer, basketball, street hockey, and anything else that interests them and gets everyone outside and active. When your child grows up with a love for active play, they are likely to carry that into their adulthood.

Helps Them Cope With Emotions

When a child plays, they are often able to work out different things in their life. They can work through anxiety and stressful situations during their play time. Often kids will play with their dolls or other toys and work out different scenarios that are causing them real stress. This is a great coping mechanism for children and can help you better understand how they are feeling.

How to Encourage Play

Now that you know why play is so important for kids, we want to give you some tips on how to encourage play in your home. While play is second nature for kids, you can do some things to stimulate their playful side and encourage play in your home! First, give your children the things they need to play. If they like crafts, have supplies stocked up at all times, allowing them to get creative when they want to. If they like to play outside get a trampoline, swing set, and yard games that can keep them entertained for hours. Be sure your home is set up in a way that encourages play. They are more likely to jump right in if they have a ton of toys laying around.

You can also play with them. Let them come up with all of the ideas, the story, or the activity and do it with them. If they want you to sit on the floor and play with dolls with them, do it. If they want you to pass a ball back and forth, do it. Often times, kids just want to spend time with their parents, make sure you give them your time when you ask for it and play with them. It will help them and may even bring you back to your childhood.

Get outside regularly with your kids, but not just to play. Sit outside and watch the stars on a summer night. Take bike rides to a nearby ice cream shop. Go on walks to the park where your kiddos can play. When you get your kids outside and active they will be more likely to want to get out and play.

Setting up play dates with their friends or neighbors is another great way to get kids outside and active. When they have more people to play with they can make up different activities or play games that require more people. Plus, they will be working on their social skills!

Play is extremely important for kids and should not be forgotten as you work on your child’s learning and development. While reading and math are important for your children to learn as well, play can help them develop a variety of skills, teach them important lessons, and allow them to truly express themselves.

At Montessori School of Chantilly, your child will get the playtime they need to thrive! Your child will be able to play independently, with others, outside, and with things that interest them. If you want to learn more about our school schedule a free tour! You can also contact us to learn more or enroll your child online and set them up for academic success!