If you are interested in our school and think this could be the next step in your child’s life, follow our admission process steps to start the enrollment process and to learn more about what our school has to offer.

1. Start our admissions process by taking a tour of our beautiful school.

Our program and classrooms are very unique, so you will want to see it firsthand. Tours are conducted by appointment only. Schedule your tour now!

After the tour, you are invited to observe our school in action. Observation will provide you with the best view of how our Montessori teachers interact with our students in a true Montessori environment. You will also see how our students work independently and together in fostering social cooperation in our community.

After your observation, you will meet with the Head of the School who will answer any of your questions about Montessori and our school’s policies and procedures.

2. Applications Are Submitted

After this, you may turn in your application. We will then schedule your parent interview and child visit. This special time is set aside for us to become better acquainted with your child and for him or her to meet his teacher and visit our class for a brief time. You will have an opportunity to ask any additional questions and be introduced to your child’s new teacher.

Click here to download our application form!

3. Congratulations!

Welcome to our Montessori School of Chantilly! You have completed all necessary paperwork** and your child is now enrolled.

*Toddler admission offers one additional and optional step, the Toddler Phase In. This special time frame provides your child with a gradual adjustment from you to his or her new teacher. Each toddler may be accompanied by a parent for a minimum of one morning. Typically a child is comfortable within one to three days of a parent accompanying them to school, although some children may settle in right away.

**A child is enrolled and a space is reserved only when all completed documents and fees have been collected. Check the Admission Forms to make sure you have filled out all necessary documents.